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This past year Houghton Mifflin and Contemporary offered several providers the opportunity to test their software with adult education students.  Providers liked features of both Skills Tutor and Instruction Targeted for TABE Success (ITTS).  Those who tested ITTS were particularly impressed by the product. Here are a few of the comments made in the evaluations:


“I have seen a student pre-test at a grade equivalent in language of 5.3 and post-test at 12.9 in less than a month’s time. She was online on the program for approximately six hours a day, four days a week for roughly 23 days. As a test pilot student, her only instruction was the ITTS program.” Barren County


“It surprised me at first to see how easy it was to use and how perfectly the content of the program aligned with the content areas in the TABE test.” Carroll County


“Our students found the ITTS program very easy-to-use and helpful.” Carter County


“I am located at a site where we have a lot of firewalls, but we have never had problems accessing the program.” Fayette County


“I have one particular student that can be very difficult to find lessons he enjoys. He really likes the program and has been accessing it from home.” Rockcastle County


Based on positive instructor recommendations and student results, Kentucky Adult Education purchased a statewide site license for ITTS. This product assists students in achieving higher scores on the TABE 9 and 10 levels E, M and D. Students learn reading, language and math through engaging, interactive lessons based on a customized study plan. The study plan can be created electronically by importing TABE scores or when a teacher manually enters this information. To preview lessons and learn more about ITTS, please visit Contemporary is also offering a 30-day trial through their Kentucky representative, Hysaan Goode. Contact him at (614) 286-3427 or to arrange for your demo account.


KYAE’s perpetual site license enables programs to affordably purchase virtual seats for their students. There is no minimum purchase required. The seats can be reused when students separate from your program. The cost for a twelve-month virtual seat is $24. Programs who purchase seats prior to June 30, 2009 will receive an additional 4 months of use for free. Please contact Hysaan to place your order.  


For those attending COABE, Contemporary will be hosting a booth. Hysaan Goode will be there to answer questions and provide more information about ITTS. If you are not attending COABE, the Program Support staff will provide more information about ITTS during regional visits this spring.     


KYAE is planning a regionally-based training schedule for ITTS during May and June. Please watch for further information about dates and locations. Please contact Erika Larson if you have general questions about ITTS at (502) 573-5114, ext. 104 or


Last Updated 6/11/2014
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