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2009-10 Professional Development

Research has shown us that effective professional development (PD) is on-going, is tested to prove the desired learning takes place and is designed so that participants actually use what they’ve learned back in their classrooms.

The theme for this year’s professional development is Managed Enrollment and Managed Classrooms. All PD addresses developing a syllabus and lesson plans that support managed classrooms and differentiated instruction.

The 2009-10 KYAE Professional Development Program consists of four instructor institutes, a program director institute and online courses for part-time instructors and instructor aides. The instructor institutes are limited to full-time KYAE-funded staff.  This requirement includes both KYAE-funded full-time corrections and ESL instructors/instructor’s aides.

All KCTCS staff that serve the state correctional facilities for the Department of Corrections will complete the PD requirements for part-time staff (online course work).

Part-time instructors and instructor’s aides will complete either Assessment to Instruction or Effective Instructional Strategies. Both are facilitated online courses and will take approximately six weeks to complete. Each will require a classroom project. The first cohort is scheduled to begin in November.

Getting Registered

Pre-registration is required for instructor institutes and online courses using PDtrack External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.There will be no on-site registration.  

If you are participating in PowerPath or Leadership Excellence Academy, you are already registered on PDtrack.


To register for an institute or online course, go to PDtrack at Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain..  Select the course item by using the catalog, add it to your cart, select “My Cart” at the top of the page and check out the item. 



External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.

You may view a complete list of Kentucky Adult Education professional development opportunities by accessing PDtrack External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain..


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