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RLA Curriculum/Resource Criteria

College and Career Readiness Standards and Key Advances/Shifts for ELA (English Language Arts)

The College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education are a subset of the Common Core State Standards. The CCRS for Adult Education identify the skills that students need in order to “Read Like a Detective and Write like a Reporter.” The English Language Arts (ELA) Key Advances build towards college and career readiness by equipping students to engage with complex text, extract, and employ evidence in order to build knowledge in the content areas.

The Standards may be located at

Based on information from OCTAE, KYAE Skills U provides CCRS SBI tools for RLA standards-based instruction and curriculum resource alignment at

RLA Curriculum/Resource Criteria

To prepare students for the GED®, higher education, and the workplace, curriculum and RLA/Social Studies/Science resources should reflect the following skills identified in the:


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