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Emergent Reader

Emergent Reader

This section provides resources for students at NRS levels 1-3.

GCF -- This site contains free tutorials for adult education students on math, reading, and workforce prep.

Reading Skills for Today’s Adults -- This site has reading passages and activities for adult learners beginning at NRS Level 1. Adult students can respond to pre-reading questions, participate in a timed or independent reading and then respond to a writing prompt.

Newsela -- Multiple information short text that can be tailored down to Level 2. Comes with activities and writing prompts.

The British Council -- Interactive vocabulary games as well as grammar resources.

Free Rice -- Help others while helping your student: Each correct definition you select generates 10 grains of free rice donated to the UN World Food Program! You can also play this online game with grammar questions, math and other subjects.

Skills Workshop for Adult Learners -- Various activities and worksheets. 


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