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Strategic Teaching of Specific Reading Skills

Strategic Teaching of Specific Reading Skills

The following specific skills should be taught in context of a complex text and contextualized to real-world application. The following strategies may be taught using the Strategic Teaching Learning Cycle (342K PDF).


Strategies for Teaching Fluency (45K PDF) provides fundamental ideas in teaching students to improve fluency when reading text, which research shows enhances comprehension.


Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary (184K PDF) provides fundamental basic strategies to assist student in improving vocabulary, which highly affects comprehension of complex text.

Improving Students Academic Vocabulary with Mini Lessons Slides (200K PDF)  and Handout (216K PDF) provides numerous quick and simple vocabulary lessons that may be integrated into any lesson.

Understanding Language and Vocabulary Development (174K PDF) is a journal article describing how language develops and evidence-based strategies to increase vocabulary development.

Nine Things Every Teacher Should Know About Words and Vocabulary Instruction (175K PDF) -- This article from the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy describes the nine research-based approaches to teaching vocabulary.

The Academic Word List shares the most common Tier Two words in the English language. The word list also shares word families for each word.

Vocabulary Graphic Organizers

Context Clue Tools


Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions Guide (679K PDF) This guidebook offers an overview of teaching inference along with many strategies and tools.

Making Inferences about Print Advertisements (228K PDF) This quick reference guide provides a strategy and tool on how to teach inference for print advertisements.

Inference Tools

KIS Strategy for Inference (674K PDF)
QAR Census Bureau Example (370K PDF)
Inferences Graphic Organizer (109K PDF)
Inference Graphic Organizers (769K PDF)
What Do You See Activity (119K PDF)

Text Structure

Text Structure Guide (736K PDF) provides the basics in introducing students to strategies and tools in order to identifying and analyze text structure.

20 Strategies for Teaching Text Structure (198K PDF)

Text Structure Tools

These may be reproduced for the use with students


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